What Do I Need to Finish a Guitar

Guitar Finishing Kit

We receive a lot of messages from first time finishers asking what are the recommended materials for finishing a guitar.

Several variables can come into play but we’ve done our best to create a series of easy to use Finishing Kits that contain the necessary lacquers and supplies that you’ll need to create a factory quality finish.

Finishing a guitar can with tinted lacquer be broken down a few succinct stages:
– Preparation (sanding and grain filling *if required)
– Base coats (approx 3 coats)
– Color coats (approx 3 coats)
– Clear coats (approx 12 coats)
– Wetsanding and Buffing

Our Aerosol Finishing Kits will provide you with the necessary lacquers to carry out your Base, Color and Clear Coats.
1 Aerosol – Sanding Sealer
1 Aerosol – Color Lacquer
3 Aerosols – Clear Lacquer
*Metallic color kits will also include an aerosol of White Primer

Our Deluxe Finishing Kits go a step further and include an 8oz tin of Oil Based Grain Filler, a Wet/Dry Sanding Pack with 8 grits ranging from 320 up to 2000, Medium and Fine Polishes and a Tack Cloth – virtually everything you’ll need to complete a factory quality nitrocellulose finish.

*For step by step instruction info please visit the Application page.