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Nitrocellulose Lacquers and Finishing Supplies

Nitrocellulose lacquer has been the guitar paint of choice for many builders and players since the 1930’s.
It’s relatively simple to apply, buffs to a high gloss and is easy to repair. It dries very hard and thin which aids in the resonance of the instrument.

Oxford Guitar Supply has a strong focus on offering historically accurate guitar lacquer, based on what was being used during the golden era of American guitars. Our Vintage Formula lacquers are free of any modern plasticizers, allowing your instrument to resonate, age and patina over time.

Amber Tortoiseshell Pickguard Blanks


Candy Cola – Metallic


Charcoal Frost – Metallic


Clear Guitar Lacquer – Vintage Formula


Deluxe Aerosol Finishing Kit


Dye Stains – Universal


Heather – Metallic


Ice Blue – Metallic

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